• Drain Cleaning

  • Drain cleaning is essential to the life of your drains and pipes, they tend to clog over time and especially in kitchens, grease, soaps and more build up on the walls of your pipes and cause a blockage in your pipes. In bathrooms, showers and tubs sinks can become filled with hair, particles and soap as well. When this happens you need the drain cleaning experts at Dr Rooter in Peoria Illinois. Our technicians have all the proper tools to fix these issues. Getting this taken care of in a timely manner is the difference between possibly a few dollars or having to replace the entire system. We are here to help and make sure that does not happen to you. 

    What causes your main sewer line to backup? 

    It is never any fun to think about sewage but it is a very important part of maintaining the life of your home and it's plumbing. Sewage backups happen and can happen to anyone. Dr Rooter gets calls form homeowners all the time who need help diagnosing and repairing an issue with their sewer. the cause is usally one of 3 things

    1. Clogs - Just like drain pipes, your main sewer line can become clogged up, which can cause a backup in your home. Sometimes it can just be one toilet, sink or tub that is causing the problem, it could just be a clog in the drain, however if every flush causes a problem backup then it could be a serious blockage. Call the Dr today
    2. Tree Roots - Another common cause of backups in your home sewer system is tree roots. Tree roots can cause a couple of problems by growing into the pipes and can cause holes and blockages and may wrap around your line and destroy it. 
    3. Broken or Collapsed lines - Your sewer backup could be caused by broken, cracked or even collapsed lines. Some older homes were built using cast iron and clay piping that can break down over time and create sewer probems. Newer homes are built with plastic sewer lines to prevent this problem, it can still happen so preventive maintenance is very important


    How can i prevent these backups from happening?

    • Do not use your toilet as a waste basket
    • Use your garbage disposal intelligently
    • Don't pour grease down your drain
    • and other routine plumbing and sewer maintenance is necessary to insure the life of your sewer

     For all of your drain cleaning needs call the Dr - the local expert